Small Hydro Links:
ESHA Guide on How to Develop a Small Hydropower Plant
IEA Small Hydro Publications
Small Hydro Papers by Bryan Leyland
ORNL Hydropower Fact Sheets
ORNL Hydropower Publications
Foundation for Water & Energy Education
Canyon Hydro: Layperson’s Guide to Hydropower

Other Useful Links:
Unit Conversion
Google Earth PLSS (Section, Township, Range)
USDA Web Soil Survey
USDA Hydrology and Hydraulics
USBR Water Measurement Manual
USGS – The National Map
FEMA Flood Map Service Center
Periodic Table of Elements
Martindale’s Reference Desk: Civil Engineering Center
Agricultural Water Conservation Clearinghouse

Colorado Water Resources Links:
Colorado Water Resources USGS Site
Colorado Snow Survey Program
Colorado Climate Center
Colorado Dam Safety Program
Colorado Quad Map Index